You have a defender!

We all have people that come against us. Make negative comments, tries to discredit us, or belittle us. In human nature we got to get in there and try to straighten them out and prove to them how they’re wrong.

We think we have to defend ourselves after all that’s our reputation. But the problem with this approach is as soon as you get one person straighten out, three more will pop-up.

There will always be somebody that’s against you. Somebody that’s trying to make you look bad.

If you’re constantly trying to defend yourself, you’ll get distracted fighting battles that you’re never supposed to fight.

It’s easy to get baited into conflict. Thinking “did you see what they said about me on social media? I’ll show them who they messing with”. Do you know how much energy it’s takes to pay somebody back, trying to prove to them that you really are a nice person? You are spending emotional energy that you need for your dreams, for your goals.

Here’s the key, you don’t have to defend yourself, God said He will defend you, He will protect your reputation. Quit worrying about the negative comments, those are all distractions. That’s the enemy trying to bait you off-course so that you’ll waste your time and energy involved in battles that doesn’t matter.

You may be upset because you are a good person and what they say about you is not true, it does not matter how good you are, how loving you are, kind and understanding. Somebody’s not going to like you. Somebody’s going to discredit you.

Just like what happened to Jesus, when He was here on earth He went around healing the sick, encouraging those who feel down, He did nothing but good. But He was falsely accused and misunderstood.

How did He defend himself?

How did He protect His reputation?

1 Peter: “even though He had never sinned or done any wrong, He did not retaliate when He was insulted. He suffered, He didn’t threaten to get even. He left this case in the hands of God”.

Have peace, enjoy life and leave the case in the hands of God.

We spend so much time trying to defend ourselves, trying to prove to people who we are and worrying about what they think. We have to put our reputation in God’s hands.

God can vindicate you better than you can vindicate yourself. You don’t have to retaliate, don’t have to try to pay people back and convince them to change their mind.

The truth is some people are never going to be for you, no matter what you do they’re not going to like you. Their intent on misunderstanding you, they don’t want to see your point of view. They will not give you the benefit of the doubt. Don’t go 5years frustrated because they’re negative towards you. Don’t engage in a battle that you are not supposed to be engage in.

It’s time to leave that case to the hands of God.

Quit worrying about what they think, quit getting all rolled up how you can retaliate or how you can pay them back. As long as you’re defending yourself then God will step back, He will let you do it your way.

But when we make this decision, God I’m turning this over to you. I’m not going to spend my life worrying about what somebody is saying, wasting my energy trying to change their mind, upset because they don’t like me. God I know you are my defender and I know you are fighting my battles. That will be the time God goes to work.

When they try to push you down, God will lift you up.

When they try to make you look bad, God will cause you to look good.

You have a Defender!


-by Joel Osteen


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