Intelligent people deal with Toxic people


Life can be pretty stressful at times. We have bills appointments,overfilled schedules, and random unfortunate events which we have no control over. Then there’s the icing on the cake…Toxic people.

For some of us we deal with toxic people on a daily basis and they can be difficult to avoid. Navigating around a toxic person or their conversations is a tedious skill, but a few people have mastered it. They are known as emotionally intelligent.

Of course, it is never easy to deal with a toxic person. Their overly dramatic attitudes, lies and manipulation tactics can drive a person insane if they let it.

Practice and patience are two very useful tools when dealing with someone you would rather avoid, but it does get easier with time.

Behind the science states that there are 6 ways on how emotionally intelligent people deal with toxic people:

  1. Avoid all unnecessary interactions — the most important thing you can do for yourself, is not participate in the madness. in order to do this, you have to avoid toxic people as much as possible. If you don’t have to see them, talk to them or communicate with them in any way then don’t. Plain and simple.

  2. Set boundaries — it is essential to set boundaries. Not just for dealing with toxic people, but in order to have a healthy relationship on any level there needs to be boundaries. Emotionally intelligent people know that it is impossible to please everyone, and that it is okay to say “no”. Helping someone with an issue or a problem they are going through is one thing, getting stuck in a whirlwind of gossip and negativity is quite another.

  3. Don’t take part in negativity — negativity follows toxic people around like storm cloud of doom. They can’t say a word without it releasing a lightning bolt of anger, hostility, jealousy, or resentment. Toxic people will try everything to get you to join in-even emotional manipulation. Emotional intelligent people know better than to fall for this and instead of appeasing the other party, they simply smile and walk away, or let the other person know that they aren’t comfortable discussing whatever the topic or person of choice may be.

  4. Don’t take it personal — emotionally intelligent people know that the actions of others have nothing to do with them personally, most of the time, if someone acts a certain way towards you, it’s because they are projecting themselves, or more specifically, their issues. Toxic people will try to push your buttons and get a reaction out of you, which is why it is so important to keep your emotions at bay. When they realize they are wasting their time, they will eventually give up. After all, it’s no fun to play a game you can’t win.

  5. Learn from past encounters — the best way to prepare yourself for what is to come, is to learn from what has been. Emotionally intelligent people take the experiences and altercations they have had in past with toxic people, and use them to navigate around future conflicts.

  6. Practice Self love — working on self-love and self-care is how emotionally intelligent people stay strong. They know that part of staying mentally fit and increasing confidence is taking care ofย  yourself and appreciating for who you are.

It’s not a easy task and it takes a dedication, but what greater cause is there to dedicate yourself to than self-improvement. (


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