Jomax Peak – Don Salvador Benedicto Negros Occidental Philippines

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This place is best for those who wanted to relax and unwind to spend holidays with families and friends or even with co-workers.

Because my sister was on vacation and wanted to travel best destinations in Negros Occidental in budget, I enlisted Jomax Peak in our Itinerary.

As I mentioned we were on a budget so we brought with us pack lunches during the trip. We are from Iloilo City so in summing up all in all, transportation and entrance fee only cost us 710 php.

Breakdown of expenses:


Let me share with you some facts.


  • Jomax Peak is a solely picnic and camping grounds, they don’t have rooms for rent.

    *photo from Jomax Peak Facebook page*
  • Bring your own food, they also have grilling and washing areas you can cook your own food without charge, very convenient.
  • We were just walk in guest that day luckily they accommodated us. The staff highly recommends early reservations, so that you would be informed if the place is open or close.
  • They have different rates, so better check their page from time to time.
  • Operating hours is from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm for day tour guest.
  • If you and your friends decide to stay overnight you can bring you camping gears or you can rent tents and mats but they should be informed ahead of time.
  • Entrance fee is accompanied by unlimited coffee! yay!

As we entered the place, some of the staff ask us if we wanted also to visit the famous pine trees of Don Salvador and because we were already at the area we decided to go there too. From Jomax Peak to Pine trees it was almost a 15mins motorcycle ride going there @ 50php each. much to my surprise, it really was a beauty!

It was a wide area of Pine Tress, that definitely looks like a Korea Vibe in pictures, and the cool air ambiance from the tall trees.

Jomax Peak Facebook Page | Official Website | Contact no. 0917 628 9889

Grow through what you go through.

You will go through dark and bad days

But you will grow through it so many ways

Consider it as another character building day

Keep growing! Don’t give up on the process, don’t be swayed.

Yes it’s hard, yes it is not easy but don’t give up.

For in the darkest moments, beauty will then cover up.

As long as you keep going in reaching that trophy cup.

When the time comes as you look back in your life, you’ll be proud being that grown up.

Keep running keep chasing your dreams,

For the road may look rough and it may be harder than it seem,

Just do you part, give your best and trust God to do the rest.

For life is to be lived with no regrets

Free yourself from comparison.

The problem on today’s generation is that people keep on comparing their selves to others, and this unhealthy competition is a never ending cycle. Stop competing with your friend, neighbor, or co-worker but rather compete with yourself to be the best you.

📌Be comfortable who God created you to be, because you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

📌Love yourself, be confident and be comfortable on who you are.

📌It is important to know who you are and know who you’re not.

📌Focus on your own race, the competition is only for one person and that is you.

📌Take the pressure off yourself, you are not in competition with them you have nothing to prove.

📌 There is nothing wrong with looking up to people, it’s good to show respect and admiration but don’t try to be like them, run your own race you have something grate to offer.

📌 The people you want to be like, often times they want to be like you because they see something in you that they admire.

📌Celebrate the success of others and let their gifts inspire you.

📌Each and every one is special in their own way, you are someone to be celebrated.

📌Nobody can be a better you than YOU!

Understand that there is nothing wrong with not being the fastest, not being the most beautiful, not being the most successful and the most talented. It takes a lot of physical and emotional energy trying to impress people all day long, you don’t have to prove who you are. Don’t be jealous, intimidated and critical when someone passes you, handle and celebrate the success of others because God will pour out His blessings and favor for you.

(Podcast inspiration from Joel Osteen)


The more I think of you, the more I miss you and the more bearable to feel the pain. I guess this is another perks of being in a long distance relationship.

Lonely and sleepless nights, no one to cuddle with during cold times and snuggle with during this midnight.

You just have to choose the right one who’s worth the risk of being apart experiencing aloneness for quite some time, and still keeping those butterflies alive.

Staying strong throughout the miles, maintaining the smile in my eyes, so that one day when we meet again, it will never be the same again.


You can do it!

If no one believes in you, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Even the results are impossible in the natural, remind yourself “You can do it!” when the results don’t come right away, don’t ever quit! You can do it!

Even when you’re tired, you can do it!

Even if you don’t know where to start, take that leap of faith, you can do it!

Taking that leap will be your first step and sooner or later as you look back you’ll be amazed to see yourself better than what you’re used to be.

Just keep going, keep learning and always welcome change in your life, you will soon be exactly where you need to be.

But if you quit, never stop that pessimism and never take that first step you’ll never get there. And you’ll forever regret that you didn’t did take that leap of faith, you’ll regret that you never believed you can do it.

Quitters are the ones who never believed they can, but believed they did their best without courage to keep going and did not stick into it until the end, they just stop.

You can do it because you have a loving heart when things got hard, because you are a winner!

Winners have a can do attitude, and can do it!

Winners believe they can do it because it works, they believe they can do it because it’s hard and because they have a goal, and they’re really perceiver to achieve that goal.

You can do it!